First Time Patients

The information below will help make your first visit as quick and effortless as possible.

Please bring dental and/or medical insurance cards, and insurance referral forms (if these are required by your insurance company) with you to your initial appointment. In the event that you cannot bring an insurance card, the name of the person through whom the insurance policy is written and this person's social security number will be needed, in addition to the name, address, and phone number of your insurance company and your knowledge of whether this insurance is medical and/or dental. This will enable us to know whether we participate with your plan. If you are being referred to us from another dentist, he or she may have chosen Dr. Moeller to assist in your care for reasons other than insurance network considerations. Usually specific insurance information is not provided to Dr. Moeller by your general dentist at the time of referral. However, we will discuss expected insurance benefits and network considerations with you at your initial visit. For your planning purposes, we want you to know that we do expect payment at the time of service. If an insurance claim is to be filed, only what is estimated to be your portion of the payment will be required on the day of service. For your convenience, we do accept personal checks and all major credit cards.

Impacted wisdom teeth may be covered by either medical or dental insurance, depending upon the specifics of your insurance policy, although most other types of dental extractions are covered exclusively through dental insurance. Therefore, if you are seeking treatment of impacted wisdom teeth, it would be helpful if you would phone your insurance companies prior to your appointment to determine whether this service is covered by either your medical and/or dental policies.

Bring your legal guardian if your are a minor. Regardless of your age, if a person other than the patient is to be responsible for payment of the account, this person should arrange to attend the initial appointment with the patient. This is important because an explanation of fees and payment of these in addition to a discussion of a plan for our care will take place at this appointment. Dr. Moeller will review your diagnosis and will assist you to form a treatment plan for your care which may begin on this day or at a later date, as determined by your individualized plan of care. You or your legal gurdian will be asked at this time to sign forms confirming your consent for the treatment and your understanding of the payment procedure.

Medicare does not cover most procedures related to the teeth or the mouth, even in the office of the oral surgeon.

Need to reschedule or cancel? Dr. Moeller will have set aside a special time to consult with you. If you see any problem with keeping your appointment or making payment at the time of service, we ask that you phone and advise our office.

Thank you for considering Dr. Moeller as your oral surgeon! We are looking forward to meeting you soon!